I don’t know which details are pertinent to describing myself here, so I will just describe my mission.  I moved to Thailand in September of 2013 and am teaching mathematics in English.  My plan is to immerse myself in Thai culture, Muay Thai, and explore the rest of Southeast Asia while I’m here.  I plan to fight about 10 times and gain the requisite experience to open a successful gym upon my return to the states.  Of course, a lot can happen and a lot can change within the span of two years (my projected timeline for staying here).  I’ll figure it out as I go along.


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    • I was just browsing several job boards (ajarn.com, teachingthailand.com, daveseslcafe.com and others) and came across the posting. I actually signed on to be a science teacher, but when I got here the math teacher was leaving so I asked if I could take his place instead. Are you considering a move?

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